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2009-03-15 23:48:39 by Skonix

I've come up with 2 new ideas for interactive flash applications...ok, well one is actually a game, and the other is inspired by Disney's Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can find a few videos of it on Youtube.

...or Just click this link Laugh Floor

Anyway, the game I've decided upon is really a blast from the past. I'm a very nostalgic person so I would like to create a game in a style that is reminiscent of my childhood. So I'm going with a DoubleDragon style side scrolling game. Awesome?...I think so too. Although I have the Idea, I just don't have a storyline or any idea of the setting or look of the characters, so at the moment it is really just an idea, but soon I will have ideas and whatnot down on paper, and this project should be complete by Mid-May.

The project inspired by Disney's Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (Located in Tomorrowland of the Magic Kingdom, VERY COOL!) will be just that...accept in Flash. I will create a variety of characters that will be controlled by the user, as well as in-depth controls of facial and body language, I've never coded a way for flash to detect a microphone/recording device though, which may prove challenging for me. Either way, for the time being, this is going to be a personal, non-profit project, as I don't feel like getting into any legal trouble with Disney.

If you are good at drawing old pixel-styled characters in photoshop and want to contribute to any of the projects, send me a message, because I'm not an artist at all. Thanks for reading!


2009-02-20 18:52:09 by Skonix

Well, for starters I've had an NG account since 2004, and I'm not quite fond of the username for that account, so I created this new one recently to start my submissions. I've been a fan of NG for a long time and this is one of the big reasons I chose to be an Interactive Media major in College. I've done plenty of Flashwork, and honestly I'm a big critic when it comes to submitting (mine AND others) work to NG, and my "Grossinator" program is the first thing I've made that I believe deserves to be on here, a lot of effort went into that and it was by far one of the more complex things I've coded in AS 3.0, I originally wanted to allow a user to click the buttons with the mouse as well, but I still have much to learn about AS 3.0. Granted it is only entertaining for a short period of time, you can say some hilarious things with it, and make your friends laugh. I plan to start submitting more work in the future. Until then!